The Geofob™ connects with our Know When It Counts® application. It integrates with our existing network of smart sensors and uses a patented industry-leading localization method.

Databuoy users have the added capability to instantly know if an employee, contractor, or operator needs urgent assistance, along with their identity and exact location. With the push of a button, Geofob™ provides all of the benefits of the KWIC application including video integration, plus all other integrated intel.

  • Know When It Counts

    When the Geofob is activated, security teams and subscribers get instant notifications

  • One Press

    A single press of a button, sends the panic message. The Geofob™ silently vibrates to provide feedback to the user that the panic message has been delivered

  • Robust Localization

    Panic alerts are located on outdoor maps or indoor floor plans using a patented radio technology solution

  • Sound Integration

    We can (optionally) capture audio from the Geofob and the surrounding sensors when the button is pressed

  • Know Who Needs Help

    Each device has a unique authenticated ID that can be paired to owner information

  • Video Integration

    Imagery from nearby cameras is attached to panic messages, enabling immediate and enhanced situational awareness