Our Story of Success

Time, Effort, and Dedication

Databuoy began with an idea that enabling our surroundings to sense, think and communicate can improve our lives. Our commitment to that idea is making it a reality.

Databuoy began with a US Navy small business technology transfer program contract.  With funding from multiple Department of Defense (DoD) including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Army, Navy and Marine Corps, the Databuoy team developed and fielded acoustic gunfire localization, tactical event reporting and information operations technologies. A decade of DoD/DARPA funded research provided the foundation for ShotPoint and supporting software applications including the fundamental acoustic source localization, collaborative sensor processing, bullet trajectory and caliber determination methods, and solutions for mobile platforms.

The name Databuoy is a nod to the nautical term, Data Buoy, referring to a sensor moored in the ocean to provide information to passing ships. Our sensor networks are land-based, but similarly “moored” in the in an area to sense and serve out information. We refer to these now as internet of things (IoT) sensors, but to us they are Databuoys.

Databuoy acoustic localization technology assumes that many small sensors can be embedded into surrounding infrastructure. This posed a problem for military tactical operations that don’t have access to the area to install sensors ahead of time.  In civilian society, however, ceilings, walls and streetlights are all perfectly suited for sensor placement. In 2013, Databuoy transitioned to focusing on commercial and public safety product development. Databuoy was the first to conduct indoor live fire testing inside a school in Ammon, Idaho. Our team spent years refining our solution and validating at a wide variety of indoor ranges and tunnels and real world environments.  Extensive libraries of live shot data captured with our unique sensor array hardware and in the variety of environments gives our gunfire localization system the edge and has moved us decidedly into the top tier of systems.

Databuoy’s ShotPoint acoustic localization technology is the most reliable system on the market for detection of all shots,  eliminating all false alarms and echoes, for the finest localization accuracy and rapid reporting.

Our commitment to dramatically increasing public safety with the best performing product cannot be realized without a way to get the technology integrated into the surrounding infrastructure. In the past several years, Databuoy has been focused on just that. We have been creating solutions and forming partnerships in the security products and smart lighting industry. Databuoy has been advancing the product into deployments in schools, campuses, and commercial buildings. The Databuoy solution is becoming a standard for being the best system on the market, and the easiest to integrate. We are dedicated to being the “go-to” system and ensuring the customers always believe that choosing Databuoy was the best choice.

Our Path to Today

High Angle Shooter Demonstration at LuckStone Quarry

Oct 2018
Trajectory Finding for a 3D World

ShotPoint demonstrated it’s unique capability to locate the trajectory of rifle bullets in 3 dimensions at the LuckStone Rock Quarry, Centreville, VA. This demonstration (as seen in this video) showed how a ShotPoint system deployed at street level would be able to locate a sniper shooting from a parking garage, hotel room or other high elevation position. This would enable responders to know the exact location of someone shooting a rifle even if they were shooting from cover and hundreds a meters away.

Counter drone testing

Sep 2018
Experimenting for the Future

ShotPoint sensor deployments can go beyond shot sensing. Databuoy is developing new capabilities for our sensing platform. Measuring the environment for non-shot signals will be part of the solution. We plan to incorporate new functions ranging from as drone sending to those that enhance lifestyle needs such as asking a streetlight to change color.

Outdoor sensor with camera

May 2018
Outdoor Systems

ShotPoint outdoor sensor deployments are increasing. Sensors can be installed in stand-alone packages or integrated with area lighting. These systems can serve to detect and locate gunfire in urban areas and when integrated into nearby camera networks to provide instant and precise information on the location and identify of a shooter.

Recent indoor deployment

May 2018
New Opportunities

The ShotPoint shooter localization system has grown exponentially. Each new deployment is an opportunity to grow. We learn something from every new customer and have fine-tuned and matured our system over time. Databuoy is more than ready to support future customers in a range of environments.

ShotPoint integrated into a luminaire

Feb 2017
First Gunshot System In a Streetlight

The first ever gunshot sensor integrated into a street luminaire. The ShotPoint system integrated inside the streetlight was demonstrated in a live fire test with the St. Ann’s Police Department. View this video coverage from local St. Louis TV networks to learn more.

DHS Safety Act Seal

Oct 2016
DHS Safety Act Desgination

The Department of Homeland Security granted Databuoy Safety Act Liability Protection for the ShotPoint system in 2016. Databuoy is in the process of obtaining full system certification. For more information visit the DHS Safety Act page.

First Permanent Installation

Jan 2016
A Permanent Indoor System

A middle school was the site of our first permanent installation. The system continues to operate successfully at this location and in all current deployments.

First Live Fire Testing, Ammon, ID

Aug 2014
Live Fire Indoor Testing

The first live fire testing indoors was conducted at a middle school in Ammon, ID. The sheriff fired a variety of handguns and rifles using live rounds. This was also the first integration of ShotPoint with a video system. This system received a National Institutes of Justice (NIJ) top prize award in 2015. View the Shooter Emergency ScreenCast Application video to learn more.

Testing at Camp Atterbury, IN

June 2011
Long and Wide Range Events

The collaborative sensor network approach that defines ShotPoint gunfire localization relies on sensing of gunfire from multiple vantage points. In 2011, the first of many long and wide firing range data collection events was performed. The sensor spacing requirements is determined based on data accumulated as a result of these extensive test events.

National Security Associates Training Range, Georgia

Dec 2009
Full System Testing

As the Databuoy technology progressed under the Department of Defense sponsored programs elements of the gunfire localization evolved. One of many proof-of-concept demonstrations took place in Dec 2009 included many of the key aspects of ShotPoint including collaborative shooter localization using multiple acoustic array sensors and bullet trajectory finding.

Early Testing of PinPtr

Oct 2006
Our Foundation

Databuoy was founded to create embedded sensor systems leveraging foundational technology research sponsored by the Department of Defense.

Our Start