Know When It Counts® with Shotpoint®

  • 2-Second Reporting

    In time to matter, instead of after it’s over

  • Video Integration

    Real-time camera cueing enables immediate visual identification of shooter and possible victims

  • Mobile Reporting

    Our Know When It Counts® (“KWIC”) application sends shot alerts via text message and runs on mobile devices

  • Pinpoint Location Accuracy <2m

    Shot location accuracy guaranteed to be within 1-2 meters

  • Bullet Trajectory Resolution

    Bullet trajectory resolution means Shotpoint can locate rifle shooters by only sensing the bullet

  • Multiple Shooters

    Multiple shooters are clearly rendered in the Know When It Counts® application

  • No False Alarms

    No false alarms with our patented sensor fusion means responders will not have “Alarm Fatigue”

  • Third-Party Validated

    Shotpoint has been tested by independent third-parties including the TSA-sponsored Safe Skies Alliance. The system has been utilized in operational conditions with police validation of system performance metrics