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Our sensors monitor their environment, precisely locate the source of acoustic events, and instantly communicate when action is required. Immediate and unambiguous situation awareness is critical to an effective response.

Industry Applications

Financial Services Sector

Banks, investment and insurance companies, and credit organizations must protect the lives of employees and customers and also prevent disruption of critical operations.  

Shoping & Retail

Malls, shopping centers, and retail chains must maintain open environments while mitigating the risk of a tragic, active shooter event. Retail businesses also risk damage, closures, and harm to their reputation.  


Transportation centers face the potential for catastrophic events with the dense crowds that are present and loss of operations that can have widespread impact on many lives and businesses.  

Educational Institutions

K-12 schools and college campuses are charged with providing an open and safe environment for large populations of students and faculty.  

Streets and Open Spaces

Streetlight coverage improves the quality of neighborhood life and makes people feel safer. Databuoy technology provides an additional safety net to the same areas covered by streetlights.  

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and clinics can utilize technology to support their security responsibility to maintain an open and safe environment for patients while managing the elevated risk of people in crisis who may be entering their facility.  

Arenas and Event Venues

Sports arenas, special event and amusement venues must protect dense crowds and mitigate the potential for a catastrophic event that could threaten many lives.

Hotels and Hospitality

Hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and other hospitality properties need effective, reliable technology that will keep their guests safe and alleviates any concerns they may have for their safety.

Houses of Worship

Houses of worship and non-profit institutions may be targets for those that seek to inflict harm and chaos on society. The primary concern is for protecting the safety of worshipers and prevent a large tragedy.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Expertise

Our technology is founded on over ten years of military research and five additional years of real world experience.


Implementing the technology is priced to be affordable.

We Value Your Business

Each client has unique requirements. Our approach is to provide each client with the solution they need.

Trust the Best Solution

Our patented collaborative sensing approach is the best solution in the business.

Reliable and Proven

We have years of continuous operations. Successful 3rd party tests include National Safe Skies Alliance operational testing. We have DHS Safety Act designation.

Long Term Support

We stand behind our sensors and are with you for the long term.

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