Our Story

Databuoy evolved from defense research to public service.

Databuoy was founded in 2006. Our name come from our early work with the US Navy. The nautical term, Data Buoys, refers to a network of sensors moored in the ocean that support passing ships. Our sensor networks are land-based, but similarly “moored” to persist, sense and serve passers by.

Our technology is founded on a decade of research, development and testing sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Army and Navy. In 2013, Databuoy turned its focus on public safety. Our first indoor live fire test at a school happened in 2014. Indoor and outdoor range testing and system refinement continued for years. An extensive library has been collected on our unique sensor hardware with tens of thousands of rounds fired and millions of hours of sensor operations.

Our Management Team

Kathleen Griggs


Kathleen is the President & Founder of Databuoy. In five years, she grew the company to an $18.5M Defense contract to develop and field Embedded Systems Command and Control Technology. She is a former Navy Engineer and DARPA Technical Agent where she managed DARPA Warfighter Visualization, Smart Modules, and Distributed Robotics program efforts. Her program successes include video geo-registration, augmented reality, and wearable computing. Kathleen has a BS in Physics and MS in Systems Engineering.

Dimas Pinzon


Dimas has over 30 years of professional experience in technical team leadership, strategic business planning, operational assessments, and resource utilization. Dimas is a former Defense Systems Management College Professor where he taught acquisition management certification courses. He provided Chief of Staff and technical support to DARPA program offices. Dimas is a former US Marine and cellular and satellite systems integrator. Dimas has an MS in Systems Management and Electrical Engineering.

Steve Griggs


Steve is a hands on radio and electronics design expert. He is highly-skilled in test and evaluation of advanced technology systems. He is a two-time DARPA program manager where he managed military imaging and surveillance technology programs relating to electro-optics, LIDAR/RADAR, communications, networks, and sensors. He has designed, built and fielded military radars and both optical and RF communication systems. He is an expert in optical sniper systems and tactical ballistics.

Dr. Janos Sallai

Product Development

Dr. Sallai is a former Research Scientist and Computer Science Professor at Vanderbilt University. He is an expert in embedded systems and acoustic localization technology. He is widely published in various subject matter relating to acoustic localization sensing systems RF including angle of arrival based node localization, RF-based mobile sensor tracking, acoustic shooter localization, and sensor network communications protocols. Dr. Sallai has a PhD in Computer Science.

Nick Jones


Our Capabilities


Full stack developers

Our developers create awesome user interfaces and integrate our sensor data outputs and external video and security systems.


Microcontroller and FPGA Coding

Our highly skilled engineers program firmware on our board hardware to achieve optimal sensing and performance parameters.


Electronic Systems and Circuit Design

All aspects of layout, component selection and troubleshooting are performed by our professional electronics design staff.

Acoustic Analytics


Data Analysis

Our staff engineers are craftsman that understand the physical properties of our sensors and the human need for knowledge coming from our data.


Product Design

We create our own packaging and physical integration designs for our patent pending indoor package, outdoor builds, and systems integrated within streetlight luminaires.


Field Testing

Our staff includes experienced marksmen. We support live fire testing in a wide range of indoor and outdoor ranges and venues.